Our Question

Shall the state Representative (or Senator) from this district be instructed to vote in favor of a resolution calling upon the Congress and the President to:

1. Prevent cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Veterans benefits, or to housing, food and unemployment assistance;

2. Create and protect jobs by investing in manufacturing, schools, housing, renewable energy, transportation and other public services;

3. Provide new revenues for these purposes and to reduce the long-term federal deficit by closing corporate tax loopholes, ending offshore tax havens, and raising taxes on incomes over $250,000; and

4. Redirect military spending to these domestic needs by reducing the military budget, ending the war in Afghanistan and bringing U.S. troops home safely now.

Donate to the Campaign!

The Budget for All referendum campaign needs donations to pay for printing and supplies. Your donation is 100% tax-deductible. Please use the "Donate" link below to give online. Make checks out to Massachusetts Peace Action Education Fund and mail to 11 Garden St., Cambridge, MA 02138; please write "Budget for All" on the memo line.

Tax Day Rally: Repeal the Trump Tax, Pass the People's Budget

Tax Day RallyTime to stand up for our values and priorities!

President Trump’s tax bill is ensuring billions of dollars in profits to large corporations– and peanuts to working people. Meanwhile, the President and Congress have agreed on unparalleled increases in Pentagon spending that will lead to more wars, more suffering, and take even more money from programs that benefit all of us. Cuts in essential programs from climate protection to Medicaid, housing, Social Security, and Medicare are on the drawing board. We must turn around Washington’s budget insanity.

  • The Trump tax cuts for the 1% (approved by Congress) will drain the treasury of over $1.5 trillion of needed revenue over the next 10 years. In the near future, these deficits will drive deep cuts to health care, education, food stamps, affordable housing and just about every other domestic program for years to come.

  • Congress has voted dramatic increases in war spending and first-strike nuclear weapons. These will make the world much more dangerous and drive further cuts to our economic, social and environmental security. No first strike weapons for Trump!

  • President Trump has urged draconian cuts to housing, Medicaid, food stamps, and almost every other domestic program.

  • And to top it all off, Trump has still refused to release his tax returns

Republican Tax Bill Threatens Benefits for Massachusetts Families

The Massachusetts People’s Budget Campaign today slammed the Republican-led Congress for a $1.5 trillion giveaway for giant corporations and the 1% at the expense of the elderly, working families and the poor.

Apple: Pay your Taxes! Congress: No More Tax Breaks for Rich Corporations!

Congress plays Santa Claus to multi-billion dollar companies like Apple while the rest of us get a lump of coal in our stockings.

Senator McConnell and Speaker of the House Ryan are pushing an unpopular and dangerous tax bill through Congress. If passed this bill will not only yield huge tax benefits to high rollers and giant corporations like Apple. In doing so it will drain critical funds from Medicaid, education, housing, food programs and even Medicare.

Join “Not One Penny” and the Mass. People's Budget Campaign
Saturday, December 2 at 10am

Apple Store • 815 Boylston Street, Boston (Copley or Auditorium on the Green Line)

Not One Penny in Tax Cuts for Millionaires, Billionaires, and Wealthy Corporations: Regional Convening

Northeast Regional Convening of Not One Penny

RegisterThe Not One Penny Team and the Massachusetts People's Budget Campaign cordially invite you to the Northeast Regional convening of the Not One Penny campaign. This day will be filled with activists and organizers, special guests, and sessions on the policy behind the GOP tax plan and how to fight it. Our goal is for attendees to meet other organizers throughout your region, brainstorm and share ideas.

The Republican tax bill is a tax break for the rich and large corporations that will hurt working families. It will hit middle class and working class families hardest, by eliminating healthcare, programs for education and environmental protections all to line the pockets of the wealthiest families and corporations. 

Ryan Tax Cut Plan Sparks Protests in Boston

People's Budget rally

Public News Service

BOSTON, Sept. 25 – Boston kicked off this weekend with protests of U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan's budget resolution. 

It calls for $5.5 trillion in tax cuts and is expected to reach the House floor by early October. 

Among those speaking out in opposition to the Ryan plan is Michael Kane, executive director of the Massachusetts Alliance of HUD Tenants. 

NO to the Trump/Ryan Tax Ripoff – NO to New Attack on Healthcare -- YES to the People's Budget !

Not One Penny in Tax Cuts for Millionaires, Billionaires, and  

Wealthy Corporations! 

No to New Attack on Healthcare (Graham-Cassidy)


Washington has begun an historic—and disastrous – debate. President Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan want to enact massive tax cuts that will mostly benefit millionaires and wealthy corporations paid for by steep cuts to Food stamps, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, housing, environment, education and many other vital programs we all rely on. 

Debate may begin any day now on the Republican tax and budget plan. It’s up to all of us to stop them. Please participate in this September 22 rally in Boston to say NO to the Ryan budget and tax plan and YES to the People’s Budget. 

Join members of labor, community, social justice and peace groups to: 

  • Stand up for budget priorities that promote the welfare of our families and our earth and promote peace
  • Stop the draconian Ryan Budget which savages the climate and the human needs of so many people while handing massive tax cuts to the big boys
  • Raise a call insupport of the Peoples Budget, a full budget alternative constructed for the country’s benefit by the Congressional Progressive Congress. 

Confirmed speakers:

Rich Rogers, executive secretary, Greater Boston Labor Council

Barbara Madeloni, president, Massachusetts Teachers Association

Craig Altemose, executive director, Better Future Project

Jenny Bock, Friends of the Earth

Michael Kane, executive director, Massachusetts Alliance of HUD Tenants

Ronel Remy, City Life/Vida Urbana

Abra Berkowitz, Cambridge Residents Alliance

Kelly Turley, Associate Director, MA Coalition for the Homeless

Jonathan King, professor, MIT and Massachusetts Peace Action

Kathy Paul, Massachusetts Senior Action

Ryan’s budget resolution would make it easier for Congress to pass a massive $5.5 trillion tax giveaway for the ultra-rich and blow a hole in domestic spending for years to come. Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps and Social Security are all on the chopping block. Housing, education, environment and other vital programs would be cut 50% over the next decade. 

The Congressional Progressive Caucus' People's Budget taxes the 1%, invests $2 trillion in jobs and reduces Pentagon spending while providing needed funds for climate, housing, education and so much more! Join us to make sure all Massachusetts members of Congress vote YES for the Peoples Budget!  

Locals Rally to Support People's Budget, Denounce Trump Budget

Nearly 200 people rallied outside the Tip O’Neill Federal Building May 31 to protest the Trump administration’s budget proposal. Activists held signs reading “No more cuts! Tax the 1%!” and “Hands off our Social Security!” while chanting “Stand up! Rise up! Resist!”

Speakers condemned the Republicans’ budget while endorsing an alternative: The People’s Budget. This budget, drafted by the Congressional Progressive Caucus, devotes $2 trillion to modern energy, infrastructure, education, and healthcare. It expands Social Security, closes tax loopholes, and stops CEOs from awarding themselves millions in tax-free bonuses.

“People just want equality,” said Ingrid Smith, member of the grassroots community organization City Life and supporter of the People’s Budget. “Everyone just wants enough money to pay their bills and live.”

The president’s budget proposal calls for a $54 billion cut to programs focused on climate protection, housing, food security, worker safety, and cancer research. Alongside the gains from the $880 billion cut to Medicaid already passed by the House of Representatives, these cuts would be transferred to the military budget and allow for the president’s proposed $5 trillion in tax reductions for the wealthy.

“A budget is a moral document,” said Bob Massie, activist, politician, and Democratic candidate for Massachusetts governor. Where a government allocates money shows where their values lie, he explained, adding that the current budget proposal’s underlying values “are repugnant to us as citizens of the United States.”

Angered by the lack of support for middle and lower class citizens, multiple grassroots organizations from the Greater Boston area joined with the Massachusetts People’s Budget Campaign to rally and march in favor of a progressive alternative budget.

Michael Kane, executive director of the Massachusetts Alliance of HUD Tenants, introduced each speaker and led chants in between each. He spoke ardently at the start of the rally, saying “Trump has proposed the deepest cuts to the programs that keep us strong.” His mention of Trump’s tax cuts for the wealthy was received with boos from the crowd.

Steve Tolman, president of the Massachusetts AFL-CIO, also shamed Trump’s actions in a passionate speech. “Brothers and sisters, it’s a sham… he demonstrates he doesn’t care about us,” he said. “It’s our nation, our government.”

Trump Budget/ People's Budget

March Against President Trump's Budget Plan

Wednesday, May 31, 11:30am, Tip O'Neill Federal Bldg, Boston

This time it's a matter of life and death.

I'll be There

The country has never seen anything like it! The budget cuts and tax breaks proposed in the President’s Fiscal Year 2018 budget proposal and the forthcoming House budget proposal to follow will impact every program that helps each of us achieve a decent quality of life – and in many cases, to maintain life itself. It’s time to rise up in opposition while there’s time and to insist on a budget that puts people first:

11:30am: Assemble at Tip O'Neill Federal Bldg 10 Causeway St Boston
12:00 noon:  Rally at O’Neill Bldg
12:30 pm:  March to JFK Federal Bldg
1:00 pm:   Rally at JFK Bldg

Confirmed Speakers

State Senator Jamie Eldridge
Patricia Downs Berger, MD, co-chair, Mass-Care
Michael Kane, executive director, Massachusetts Alliance of HUD Tenants
Steve Tolman, President, Massachusetts AFL-CIO
Barbara Madeloni, President, Massachusetts Teachers Association
Rich Rogers, Secretary-Treasurer, Greater Boston Labor Council
Katherine Anderson, 350 Massachusetts
Warren Pepicelli, Executive Vice President, UNITE HERE
Jonathan King, Professsor, MIT
Roxanne Reddington-Wilde, ABCD
State Rep. Mike Connolly
Conrad Ciszek, Burbank Tenants Association
Chuck Collins, Institute for Policy Studies
Darrin Howell, 1199 SEIU

Trump Budget Pie FY2018. National Priorities Project

The President’s plan released on May 23 would cut over $800 billion in mandatory spending from Medicaid, food stamps, SSI & SSDI, child health, housing, and education over 10 years. These cuts would be on top of the $54 billion each year the President intends to take out of climate protection, housing, meals on wheels, worker safety, cancer research and many other key programs and move into the Pentagon budget – AND on top of the $880 billion cut to Medicaid in the health care repeal bill already passed by the House of Representatives! All to help pay for his proposed $5 trillion in tax cuts, primarily for corporations and high rollers. And these budget priorities – and even worse – will be mirrored in the official House Republican Budget that will be put up for a vote in the upcoming months.

There Is An Alternative! The People's Budget

I'll be There

On May 31 we will not only march against the President’s Budget priorities. We will also promote The People's Budget. Released on May 2 by the Congressional Progressive Congress, this comprehensive and economically sound budget can serve as the “Roadmap for the Resistance”. The People's Budget gives us a sound alternative budget to fight for that moves our country away from the human disaster awaiting us and toward prosperity and a society in which people matter. It cuts Pentagon spending including the dangerous nuclear weapons build-up. The People's Budget will also be voted on in the upcoming months.

Sign me up -- I'll be there on May 31!

We Thank These People's Budget Supporters

Jim McGovern • Mike Capuano • Katherine Clark

Please Call These Reps to vote for the People's Budget

Stephen Lynch 202-225-8273 • Joe Kennedy III 202-225-5931 • Seth Moulton 202-225-8020 • Ed Keating  202-225-3111 • Niki Tsongas 202-225-3411  • Richard Neal 202-225-5601

The People's BudgetMassachusetts People's Budget Campaign (formerly the Budget for All Campaign)

www.mass-peoples-budget.org • 617-354-2169

Endorsers: Mass. Alliance of HUD Tenants • Massachusetts Peace Action • American Friends Service Committee • Our Revolution Massachusetts • Massachusetts Senior Action • Massachusetts Jobs with Justice • Veterans for Peace/Smedley Butler Brigade • Boston Homeless Solidarity Committee • Watertown Citizens for Peace, Justice & the Environment • Cambridge Residents Alliance • Neighbor to Neighbor • Progressive Democrats of America • Mass-Care (list in formation)

Protesters Demand Mayor Walsh and Gov. Baker: #MakeGEpay Its Taxes!

Protesters display placards outside the location of a news conference by General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker, and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh. —AP photo

Boston, April 4 -- GE should pay its fair share of taxes at the federal, state and city levels, a broad coalition of 34 community, peace, faith-based, housing, social justice and environment groups demanded today, outside the “Welcome Party” for GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt hosted by Mayor Walsh and Governor Baker. Protesters picketed and leafleted attendees, and presented mock “awards” to Immelt, Walsh and Baker for providing corporate welfare for GE, while shortchanging Massachusetts residents.

“We demand that GE pay its taxes to pay for what our communities need,” said Horace Small of the Union of Minority Neighborhoods, who helped organize the protest. “Today is the anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King. Dr. King died protesting racial and economic injustice and misplaced budget priorities. We protest GE today in his memory and spirit.”

Tell Mayor Walsh and Gov. Baker: #MakeGEpay its Taxes!

WHAT: Rally Outside Welcome Party for GE Execs Hosted by Gov Baker & Mayor Walsh

WHEN: April 4th, 2016, 3:30pm-5:30 pm

WHERE: 60 State Street, Boston, MA (near Boston City Hall and State Street Stop on the Orange Line)



      1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East
      ACT UP Boston (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power)
      Action for Peace Working Group/Occupy Boston
      AFGE/Local 3258/AFL-CIO
      Alliance for Peace and Justice
      Alliance to Develop Power
      American Friends Service Committee
      Amherst League of Women Voters
      ARISE for Social Justice
      Arlington Fund Our Communities/Reduce Military Spending 25%
      Arlington United for Justice with Peace
      Boston Coalition to Fund Our Communities/Cut Military Spending 25%
      Boston Workers Alliance
      Brookline PAX
      Cambridge United for Justice with Peace
      Can't be Neutral
      Chelsea Collaborative
      Chelsea Uniting Against the War
      Chinese Progressive Association
      Civil Liberties and Public Policy Program
      Climate Action NOW!
      Cooperative Metropolitan Ministries
      Democratic Socialists of America - Boston chapter
      Doctors for Global Health
      Dorchester People for Peace
      Eastern Massachusetts Coalition to Fund our Communities/ Reduce Military Spending 25% (aka: 25% Campaign)
      Essex Towers Tenants Association
      Fenway Community Development Corporation
      First Churches Peace & Justice Committee (UCC, ABC)
      First Parish Church in Bridgewater, Social Justice Committee
      Fund Our Communities Not War/Massachusetts
      Grace Church Peace Fellowship
      Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts
      Leverett Peace Commission
      Lexington Justice and Peace
      Madison Park Development Corporation
      Majority Agenda Project
      Mary Ellen McCormack Tenant Task Force
      Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance
      Massachusetts Alliance of HUD Tenants
      Massachusetts Communities Action Network
      Massachusetts Global Action
      Massachusetts Jobs with Justice
      Massachusetts Nurses Association
      Massachusetts Peace Action
      Massachusetts Union of Public Housing Tenants
      Merrimack Valley People for Peace
      Metrowest Peace Action
      Milton for Peace
      MoveOn Boston Council
      MoveOn of Western Mass
      MoveOn South Shore Council
      National Priorities Project
      Neighbors United for a Better East Boston (NUBE)
      New England United for Justice (NEU4J)
      Newton Dialogues on Peace & War
      North Shore Coalition for Peace & Justice
      Northampton Committee to Stop Wars
      Northampton Democratic City Committee
      Occupy Amherst Schools in Solidarity
      Occupy Arlington
      Occupy Fall River
      Occupy Newton
      Occupy Winchester
      Pioneer Valley Buddhist Peace Fellowship
      Pioneer Valley Green Rainbow Party
      Population & Development Program, Hampshire College
      Progressive Democrats of America (PDA)
      Quequechan Alliance
      Right to the City VOTE!
      SEIU Local 615
      Survivors Inc.
      UNITE HERE New England Joint Board
      United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW)
      United for Justice with Peace
      United National Antiwar Coalition
      Veterans for Peace - Smedley Butler Brigade
      Walpole Peace & Justice Group
      Ward 15 Democratic Committee, Boston
      Watertown Citizens for Peace Justice and the Environment
      Western MA Fund Our Communities Not War
      Western Mass American Friends Service Committee
      Western Mass Jobs With Justice
      Women's International League for Peace & Freedom - Boston Branch
      Worcester Unemployed Action Group

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